Southern Kentucky Soccer Club

Southern Kentucky Soccer - Registration

Welcome to the registration process for Southern Kentucky Soccer!

Welcome to the SKY Soccer Club! We are so excited to have you here. 

Our mission is to develop great players and people and enhance the community we serve. Our player-centric programs are professionally designed and align with U.S. Soccer’s philosophy of player-first development. We know that a college or professional scout will not ask how your player’s team finished in the “big” tournament. Instead technical skill, tactical understanding, academics, maturity, leadership behaviors and community involvement will be most important.

Club culture is at the heart of developing successful players and people. We’re growing a safe, fun, challenging and constructive learning environment that fosters a love for the game. To continue this, we’ve designed the SKY Soccer Development Pathway. Regardless of your player's needs or desires, we have an age and developmentally appropriate path to deliver success. Our pathway and player development purpose is simple: provide professionally designed and managed programs that maximize your player's potential through learning and enjoyment of the beautiful game of soccer.


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